Mining’s Next Horizon Webinar Series: Part 3 – Transforming Culture to Foster Innovative Thinking

Date: 21-Feb-2019


21 February 2019 12.30pm-1.30pm








The mining industry is ushering in a new way of operating, transformed by disruptive innovations, advanced digital technologies and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). This webinar series examines the rapid changes occurring in our industry and creates a vision of the future of mining.

Technology only makes up part of innovation. People are paramount.

One of the major bottlenecks to effective implementation of innovation is the culture of an organisation. As humans, we are naturally resistant to change, and new technologies are often met with hesitation, among fears of job losses or time taken for implementation.

Leading global organisations foster cultures that are fluid and adaptive, with the shared belief that adopting and creating innovation is everyone’s responsibility. But how do we manifest this culture in our organisations?

This webinar will seek to answer this question and take key learnings from other industries or organisations that embody best practice in this space.

This webinar will explore:

  • What it means to have an innovative organisational culture;

  • The role of leadership in fostering a culture conducive to change;

  • Effective implementation of new technologies;

  • The changing culture of mining organisations. 


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