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Upgrade your manufacturing equipment with energy efficiency funding and save

By:NSW ERKH. Date: Tuesday, December 18, 2018.

Upgrade your manufacturing equipment with energy efficiency funding and save

In early 2019, the NSW Government will launch a new $16 million funding offer for manufacturers to upgrade their equipment, to help businesses save energy and money.

There are currently three draft offers being considered.

The NSW Government would like to get your feedback on these drafts in a short survey or if you have your own energy efficiency upgrade project in mind, get in touch.

Offer 1

Metering and process optimisation projects

50% co-funding – up to $50,000 per site

Making the business case for investing in metering systems can be difficult. The link to cost savings isn’t always clear.

Under this option, The NSW Government are looking for monitoring projects that make process improvements possible or that improve the control of key manufacturing equipment – helping you to save energy and money.

They’ll fund:

  • hardware and software required to monitor energy use such as meters
  • project management costs (invoiced)
  • analysis of the energy data that will help you improve your process.

Offer 2

Simple energy efficiency upgrades

50% co-funding – up to $15,000 per project

Businesses can get quick and easy wins by replacing or retrofitting equipment. With this option, The NSW Government will match funding for technologies such as:

  • variable speed drives
  • burners
  • heat pumps
  • high efficiency motors.

Funding would be capped per technology. Minimal data would be required to verify the savings.

Offer 3

Measured and verified energy efficiency upgrades

50% co-funding – up to $70,000 per site

This third option is about supporting larger and more complex energy efficiency projects than those under offer 2 but aren't large enough to fit into the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS)

The NSW Government will need energy savings to be verified but we can apply some flexibility to the methodology.

They’ll fund:

  • installation of equipment
  • project management costs (invoiced)
  • costs of measuring and verifying energy use.

Energy management support and education

As well as the funding that’s available for equipment upgrades, you can access support to help implement the systems and staff training needed to continually improve energy productivity.

To find out more about these offers register your interest here, or call on 9995 6276.

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