METS Programs and Resources

The power of METS NSW is in the collaborative model that drives advancement by sharing strengths and leveraging off existing METS expertise. METS NSW proudly supports the following programs and resources.

February 2018 - Australia's identified mineral resources 2017

January 2018 - A Lithium Industry in Australia

July 2017 - NSW Small Business Strategy

CSIRO Mining Equipment, Technology and Services Roadmap 

METS Ignited Sector Competitiveness Plan 

“The METS 10 Year Sector Competitiveness Plan is a long-term view of how the Australian METS sector needs to be competitive, skilled and forward-thinking to respond to future industry demands and to strengthen its position as an integral part of the global mining innovation ecosystem.” Ric Gros, CEO

Austmine and the Entrepreneurs’ Programme 

The Entrepreneurs' Programme is an Australian Government initiative to promote business competitiveness and productivity by providing support to SME's that want to improve performance or drive growth. The program involves one-on-one assistance in a range of areas including business strategy, financial advice, commercialisation and development, operational procedures and supply chain facilitation. 

Efic Business Solutions; Finance for Australian Exporters 

Efic is a specialist financier that delivers simple and creative solutions for Australian companies when their bank is not able to help. Efic’s aim is to enable small businesses by helping them to win business, grow internationally and achieve export success.

NERA Sector Competitiveness Plan 2017 - A Summary

NERA Sector Competitiveness Plan 2017 


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