Growing METS Matters

In March and April of 2017, METS NSW along with its strategic partners Austmine, METS Ignited, Austrade, Hunternet and i3net held forums for METS organisations in the major regional NSW centres of Dubbo, Parkes, Muswellbrook and Wollongong. The objective of the forums was to identify opportunities for growth and collaboration within the METS sector.

Overarching Theme

Growing METS Matters... Advancing the Mining Equipment, Technology and Services Sector in NSW. 

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In their ongoing quest to spread statewide the supports and opportunities available to Mining Equipment, Technology, and Services (METS) companies, METS NSW took to the road in early 2017. 

Funded by the NSW Department of Industry, METS NSW works to improve opportunity and boost industry growth for the companies and organisations working alongside the NSW mining sector. 

Four recognized METS hubs of regional NSW - Dubbo, Parkes, Muswellbrook, and Wollongong - hosted collaborative METS NSW knowledge-sharing forums during March and April.

Invitations to these four Growing METS Matters Forums were sent directly to METS enterprises previously engaged with METS NSW, and through existing local networks by business chambers and industry partners. 

The main aim of the forums was to connect METS enterprises with government programs and research projects, providing industry with opportunities for advancement and improvement.

Including presentations, interactive sessions and facilitated workshops, participants rated the four-hour long forums as 8.7 out of 10 for “usefulness”.

Keynote speakers with invaluable long-term experience in the sector spoke of the importance of collaboration and innovation in the evolution and success of METS businesses. 

Participants were given detailed information about existing METS supports such as Austmine’s Entrepreneurs Program and METS Ignited Project Funds that encourage this essential collaboration and innovation.


An equally important function of the forums was to amplify the expertise of regional METS players, as well as local councils and business chambers. 

The transition of the resources sector is demanding a change in business models, technology and methods of operation.

These changes can be unsettling for business owners, with paths to profit being new and untested.

But as experts in their own business practice, forum participants identified local strengths, as well as challenges to growth specific to their regions.   

Participants in all four regions identified a lack of time for forward planning, geographical isolation from possible partners and research institutions, plus a lack of prior awareness of the supports available through METS NSW as barriers to innovation and growth. 

Collaborative problem solving by participants then identified potential ways to redress these barriers. 

The potential of a digital forum as an active and accessible platform through which to collaborate and problem solve received overwhelmingly support from participants. 

Other suggestions for moving forward include the provision of further METS NSW events and training customised to the needs of each region, to further develop self sustaining networks ripe for collaboration. 

Participants suggested invitations to these events could be extended to other agencies that can assist business.

The quality of the information presented during the Growing METS Matters Forums was reflected by many requests for access to content presented during the forums. 

Mark Jones from METS Ignited, and Facilitator of the Growing METs Matters Forums said "it never ceases to amaze me (and METS firms) how in every solution which is developed by METS firms, there is an opportunity to enhance the unique value of the solution to the end customer by collaborating with the customer and other METS firms.”

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