About Us

Delivering programs to promote collaboration, drive innovation and boost competitiveness for the energy and resources sector.

The NSW Energy and Resources Knowledge Hub is a 2014 initiative of the NSW Government to support NSW business by sharing knowledge and expertise that helps overcome challenges in the energy and resources sector.

Led by the Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources and harnessing the power of key stakeholders from industry, research and government, the Hub provides access to new tools, services and pathways to accelerate technology and business development.

The Hub is focussed on growing NSW businesses by connecting them to a strong, powerful statewide network that gives SMEs the support and resources needed to thrive in their local region, and be competitive in global markets.

The Hub seeks to break down geographical barriers to collaboration and innovation, to help businesses link in, collaborate and share information and resources to find economical solutions that will promote business growth.

It operates under two key focus areas:

Resources NSW

Resources NSW is supporting and strengthening the agility of the Mining, Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) sector by offering easy opportunities for collaboration and knowledge transfer, and by working with businesses to identify and respond to new markets.

The Resources sector is critical to Australia’s economic growth. As significant exporters of high value added products and services, METS companies play a critical role in supporting productivity, efficiency and optimisation improvements for the resources sector.

Resources NSW links groups with specificied METS and business expertise to support METS related business growth and research expertise throughout NSW

Energy NSW

The Hub also delivers programs to help address the challenges of energy security, efficiency, productivity and resources sustainability.

Energy NSW was established by the Hub to support the energy, equipment and services sector for NSW. It shares information and knowledge, and supports energy businesses to navigate the complex and changing energy landscape to bring new energy technologies to market.


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