Past Events

17-Oct-2017 Creating a new export market out of Australia’s renewable energy advantage

Direct replacement of Australia’s coal and LNG exports with a renewable energy alternative can be hard to grasp. After all, you can’t put the sun or the wind on a ship, can you? One feasible export pathway does just that in the form of hydrogen, produced by electrolysis of seawater and delivered to markets already familiar with Australia as a reliable supplier of sea-borne energy. Power can come from specially built wind and solar farms near the sea, or maybe a smart option is to produce hydrogen from grid power during times of excess renewable energy generation – this has the extra benefits of preventing waste and helping the grid operator to balance supply and demand.

Another hydrogen pathway uses ammonia NH3 as the transport medium, a much easier substance to manage in liquid form. This would give the receiving market fantastic flexibility to produce electricity, liquid fuels, and fertiliser all at the same time. Creating such an industry would also have important implications for our own liquid fuel supply – presently a strategic vulnerability for which we have no apparent plan.

Is there also a no-moving-parts solution to connect electricity grids directly under the sea? This turns out to be a credible technical stretch using today’s technology. High-voltage direct-current transmission integrated with energy storage can mobilise northern Australia’s solar resource to make a secure, dispatchable power station in the Java grid, where it might complement the unmatched local geothermal resources. This export pathway opens up a deep strategic partnership with Indonesia to create a regional energy market, and launch it into an emissions-free future.

Register for this event to hear Dr Geoff James from the Institute for Sustainable Futures discuss his work, and the future of energy management technologies.


This free event takes place on Tue. 17 October 2017

From 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm AEDT

At EnergyLab

Building 25

4-12 Buckland Street

Chippendale, NSW 2008

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16-Oct-2017 Austmine USA Mining Mission

For fifteen years, Austmine has been facilitating global mining missions.  With the support of the Australian Government through Austrade, Australian METS professionals travel the world to meet mining executives looking to invest in Australian expertise.

Using their extensive contacts and experience. Austmine plan a schedule of visits to important mining headquarters and mine sites, and ensure the right meetings take place to create opportunity. Austmine missions give METS companies a chance to build face to face connections with global decision makers that would otherwise take years to develop. 

Austmine's 2017 USA mining mission will focus on major copper and gold operations in Nevada and Utah. The trip will take place on October 16-20, 2017.

Regardless of the size of a business, Austmine offers an international program opening up the world stage for specific business. The missions visit several different markets annually so as to ensure all METS companies access to the market best suited for their products and services. 

None of these excellent opportunities would normally be accessible to any individual company. And with Australian METS companies so highly regarded globally - known for innovation solutions, cutting-edge technologies and highly trained people - attending an Austmine overseas mission could prove invaluable for your company.  

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16-Oct-2017 What changes are needed to make the Finkel plan work?

The Government’s answer to the Australian East Coast energy supply concerns has been the Finkel review, and the response from all sides of the political spectrum has been one of support for either 49 or 50 of the 50 recommendations from the review.  

But will it all work and deliver a secure reliable electricity supply for Australia?  Are the recommendations of the Finkel review sufficient to correct the problems of the current National Electricity Market or will they merely oversee a continuation of the current business model with no substantive change?  

Hear from expert speaker, Robert Barr, about this critically important challenge. 

This event is an evening presentation to take place in Clifford Chance, O'Connell Street, Sydney from 5.30pm on October 16, 2017. 

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09-Oct-2017 AFR National Energy Summit


The Australian Financial Review National Energy Summit is to be held on 9-10 October at the Sofitel Wentworth Sydney.

While becoming one of the world’s biggest energy exporters, a decade of political division over climate change policy has undermined Australia’s traditional competitive advantage in cheap power generated from fossil fuels.

A national carbon pricing scheme was dismantled before it could become fully operational. Yet renewed increases in electricity and gas costs threaten energy-intensive processing industries.

The national electricity market has struggled to cope with the mandated expansion of Australia’s potentially rich supply of solar, wind and other renewable energy sources, threatening the stability of the grid and blackouts such as South Australia’s state-wide system failure in September 2016. Technological disruption could destabilise the grid further or help it to accommodate more dispersed power sources.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently declared a national energy crisis, prompted by looming shortages of gas amid the expansion of LNG exports from Queensland and state government environmental restrictions on gas development, particularly in NSW and Victoria.

In response, the National Energy Summit will be held, serving as a national platform for policy debate surrounding this crisis, as well as industry networking.

More than 300 industry stakeholders are expected to be in attendance.

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07-Oct-2017 EnergyLab EnergyFuture Hack

Are you a student, academic, hobbyist or professional who believes there is a better way to ensure we have access to affordable and reliable electricity?

You are invited to participate in the EnergyFuture Hack on the 7th of October in Sydney

EnergyLab is organising the Hackathon to solve problems in Australia’s current energy system. They're looking for people with skills to forward concepts such as:

Making a traditionally one-way electricity grid run any which way 
Integrating millions of home solar and storage systems
Giving consumers real-time control of their energy
Taking solar on holidays with us, or giving it to our mum, or trading it with neighbours
Visualising energy data to transform how people use it
Reinventing how energy retailers interact with customers
Enabling an app eco-system for energy
Leveraging AI, Machine Learning, IoT, UX and more

EnergyLab promise you lots of fun, the opportunity to learn from peers and mentors and a great space to network and meet like-minded people.

The event kicks off with an info night on October 5, where the problem statements and the opportunity challenges will be announced. It will be your chance to meet with the other participants, and form a team if you don’t already have one.

For more information and to book your free place in the EnergyFuture Hack, visit this page.  


26-Sep-2017 Evolution Mining Smart Mining Networking Event

Event Begins: 26 Sep 2017 4:00 PM   Ends: 26 Sep 2017 6:00 PM Venue: Sydney

Austmine welcomes Jake Klein, Executive Chairman, Evolution Mining to our Sydney Smart Mining Networking Event.

Evolution Mining owns six gold operations around Australia, including the NSW Cowal project. The Cowal Project is an open pit mine that is mined by an Evolution Mining owned fleet of mining equipment. Recently acquiring an extension on the mine life gives this project more room for innovative growth. This project has been such a success that Jake Klein and his team at Cowal recently won the NSW Mining Industry & Suppliers Award for Mining Operation of the Year.

Jake took on the role of Executive Chairman at Evolution Mining after the merger with Conquest Mining where he was the Executive Chairman. Jake has over 25 years’ experience in mining, with senior management roles at Sino Gold Mining, Oceana Gold and Lynas Corporation.

We look forward to seeing you at this event, please use the register button below to confirm your place.

Austmine Member Tickets: $55 + GST

Non-Member Tickets: $120 + GST

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25-Sep-2017 Australia-Germany Business Conference: Smart Technology Showcase for infrastructure, transport and utilities


Energy Efficiency for transport planning, infrastructure development and the utilities sector

The German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce in collaboration with the German-New Zealand Chamber of Commerce and energiewächter GmbH will host an industry conference on 25 September 2017 surrounding the visit of a German business delegation, looking at German-Australian cooperation in energy efficiency for transport planning, infrastructure development and the utilities sector. The event is proudly supported by the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

Featuring key speakers from Australia, Germany and New Zealand, the Australia-Germany Business Conference in Sydney presents an opportunity to learn more about collaboration opportunities in the transport, infrastructure and utilities sectors. In addition, up to eight German companies will showcase clean-technology solutions and share experiences in global markets.

Topics of interest are:

  • Development of smart grids
  • Intelligent Traffic Management & Planning Systems / Traveller Information Systems / Warning systems and cooperative ITC
  • Telematics systems
  • Products for the collection and management of measured data of electrical consumption groups as well as for monitoring traffic flows
  • Smart transport systems
  • Renewable technologies
  • Technology transfer for energy storage
  • IT services

The conference is relevant for:

  • Building engineers & architects
  • Project developers & contractors
  • Investors & retrofitting experts
  • Utilities
  • Solar & energy storage experts
  • Technology manufacturers & distributors
  • Local government, city councils & industry associations
  • Technology researchers & start-ups
  • Energy consultants

RSVP by 28.08.2017. Attendance is complimentary. Register here


20-Sep-2017 The Hunter Research Foundation Centre's Upper Hunter Economic Breakfast Series in Muswellbrook

The Hunter region has a long and proud energy history. The Australian energy industry however is in transition - moving towards a carbon constrained future. In recent weeks, our ability to transition as a nation has been firmly in the spotlight. 

This transition will bring challenges for regions like the Upper Hunter. To minimise the impact - and maximise the opportunities - of the energy transition, it is critical that business, government, educational institutions and local communities work in partnership.

Join 120+ guests at HRF's second breakfast for 2017 as these issues are discussed by sector and academic leaders. 

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18-Sep-2017 Perumin EXTEMIN 2017

Peru is poised for further growth with the upturn in commodity prices making formerly marginal projects, across its diversified mineral base, viable. Forty-five major projects worth over US$46 billion are forecast for 2017-21 and of the 14% of land subject to concession less than 2% is potentially available for exploration. While local capability, together with the presence of international firms, have increased, the market is relatively under-serviced. Clear opportunities to win business are available to those offering solutions to water, environmental, community relations, skills and safety challenges, along with those able to deliver mine performance improvements.

PERUMIN has been central to the successful market entry and expansion strategies of many Australian METS firms, attracting more than 100,000 visitors and delegations from 13 countries in 2015, including senior executives, mine superintendents, procurement managers and technical staff from leading firms. Peruvian mining companies are well disposed to Australian solutions and readily accessible at our well positioned and highly recognisable Australian Pavilion and related business development activities.

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17-Sep-2017 Gastech 2018

Gastech is a critical event in the international energy calendar, attended by over 25,000 international industry representatives from across the up, mid and downstream sectors.

Gastech attracts the world's governments, energy ministries, international oil companies, national oil companies, major ship builders and service supply chain enabling commercial experts and technical innovators to discover business-changing insights, explore innovative solutions and build profitable business connections.

You can view the Gastech 2018 brochure here.