AGL launches Electrify Now platform to assist Australians in transitioning to electric homes

The Electrify Now platform provides personalized information on various upgrades such as solar panels, battery storage, heat pump hot water systems, electric vehicles (EVs), and induction cooktops.

Electric home

AGL Energy has launched an innovative platform called Electrify Now, designed to assist households across the National Electricity Market (NEM) in understanding the benefits of electrifying their homes.

Following a successful year long pilot program involving over 6,500 AGL customers, the Electrify Now platform has been enhanced and expanded to reach a broader audience. The platform now includes additional electrification products and provides estimated payback periods for investments in solar, battery, and heat pump hot water systems. It also now facilitates connections with AGL's installation partners, streamlining the process for customers.

Electrify Now platform uses Consumer Data Right (CDR) electricity data to estimate potential energy bill and carbon savings for eligible users. AGL is the first energy retailer in Australia to implement this innovative technology solution, delivering cutting-edge energy solutions to benefit its customers.

Feedback from the pilot program indicated significant interest among customers in electrification, with a majority expressing interest in reducing energy costs and upgrading to electric water systems. This highlights the growing awareness and demand for sustainable energy solutions among Australian households.

With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive information, Electrify Now is poised to become a valuable resource for households looking to embrace cleaner and more sustainable energy options.

“AGL understands that upgrading to a more energy efficient home can be confusing and complex," said AGL Chief Customer Officer, Jo Egan.

"Our aim is to deliver accessible, easy to understand and affordable energy solutions for our customers – no matter where they are on their electrification journey.”

To access Electrify Now, go to the AGL website here.

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