AHC White Paper calls for priority funding for hydrogen projects

Recommendations include a Net Zero Fund, a new body to oversee transition and incentives for adopters of new technology

Australian Hydrogen Council

The Australian Hydrogen Council have published their first white paper, Unlocking Australia’s hydrogen opportunity.

The paper makes eight key recommendations outlining how Australia can achieve net zero emissions with the assistance of the growing hydrogen industry. The recommendations are as follows:

  1. Plan in the national interest
  2. Establish a Net Zero Fund
  3. Prioritise hard to abate and scalable demand sources
  4. Build sector coupling into planning
  5. Blend hydrogen into natural gas to create demand
  6. Trial heavy transport
  7. Incentivise markets in FCEVs
  8. Support hydrogen for hard to abate industries

To access the White Paper in full, go to the AHC website here.

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