AIMR 2023 Report highlights Australia's role in global energy diversification

Australia is a leading supplier of the minerals the world needs to reach net zero according to the latest Australia’s Identified Mineral Resources (AIMR) report.

Critical metals

Australia's Minister for Resources and Northern Australia, Madeleine King, recently unveiled insights from the latest Australia’s Identified Mineral Resources (AIMR) report.

Speaking at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada Convention in Toronto, Ontario, Minister King spoke of Australia's pivotal role in the world's pursuit of net-zero emissions.

"Australia’s resources are mined and processed to the highest standards – making them the cleanest and greenest in the world," Minister King said. "Our geology means that we are home to globally significant deposits of minerals, these minerals will be crucial as the world turns to renewable technologies to decarbonize."

The AIMR 2023 report revealed notable advancements in Australia's mineral production. Lithium, bauxite, iron ore, and uranium experienced significant increases, winning Australia's position as a leading supplier of critical minerals essential for the global energy transition. Moreover, critical minerals like manganese ore, platinum group elements, rare earth elements, and tin witnessed substantial growth in Economic Demonstrated Resources (EDR).

The AIMR 2023 report, drawing on over 45 years of data, offers crucial insights into reserves, resources, and mine production, providing a roadmap for unlocking Australia's critical minerals potential. Minister King emphasized that these insights would play a pivotal role in driving sustainable practices and supporting the global transition to clean energy technologies.

Additionally, Australia and Canada have cemented their collaboration to promote transparent and traceable supply chains for critical minerals. The joint statement released by Minister King and Canada’s Minister for Energy and Natural Resources, Jonathan Wilkinson, outlined shared priorities on critical minerals extraction, processing, and refining. Both nations pledged to advocate for robust ESG credentials in global supply chains and explore avenues for joint research and development exchanges.

"Prices paid for Australian minerals need to recognize the high ESG standards the Australian industry adheres to and the fact that Australian workers enjoy good working conditions and the highest safety standards," Minister King stated.

Click to read Australia’s Identified Mineral Resources (AIMR) report.

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