ARENA to fund Driving the Nation in drive toward cheaper and cleaner transport

On behalf of the Australian Government, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has announced $70 million in funding to be made available under the Driving the Nation Program aimed at fostering innovation in electric vehicle charging solutions across Australia.

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A total funding package of $146.1 million will be delivered by ARENA over five years from 2023-24 to co-fund projects to decarbonise road transport via the Driving the Nation Fund.

Under the $70 million funding pool now available, ARENA will look to support uptake of electric vehicles through the following focus areas:

  • Innovation in public charging
  • Innovation in management of charging

Through these new focus areas, ARENA will be seeking to support innovation in technology and business case development in charging, as well as inform regulatory change and standards.

This funding will build on ARENA’s previous support for electric vehicle charging highway networks, smart charging and vehicle-to-grid charging projects, as well as programs for fleets, heavy and long distance vehicles and to incentivise household smart charging.

ARENA will consolidate its electric vehicle charging portfolio under Driving the Nation. This includes unlocking the network coverage and scale, easy customer access and use, and improving grid integration and capacity.

Since 2015, ARENA has announced over $140 million in funding to projects that decarbonise the transport sector, including fast charging stations, hydrogen refueling and household smart charging.

Decarbonisation of land transport is a key priority for ARENA, with the Australian Government’s Driving the Nation Program continuing to help industry and consumers take the steps necessary to see Australia’s transport emissions reduce in line with Australia’s commitments.

ARENA Acting CEO Chris Faris said Driving the Nation will build upon ARENA’s previous support for electric vehicle charging across Australia.

“With light vehicles accounting for around 11 per cent of Australian greenhouse emissions, it is vital that we continue to fast track the transition to electric vehicles over the next decade.”

“As more EVs become available to Australians and their costs decline, it’s important that the availability of high-quality charging infrastructure keeps pace with the take-up of EVs”.

“The Driving the Nation Program will help by driving innovation in public charging, finding better and smarter ways for everyone to be able to access EV charging, even if they can’t charge at home. We want more people to be comfortable to make the choice for their next vehicle purchase to be an EV.”

For more information on the Driving the Nation focus areas and how to apply, visit ARENA’s funding page.

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