Austrade releases Australian Critical Minerals Prospectus 2020

The Australian Government has released the second edition of the Australian Critical Minerals Prospectus, showcasing Australia’s significant capability in critical minerals mining projects


The 2020 Prospectus expands on the first edition which focused on rare-earths projects by incorporating a broader range of critical minerals opportunities, due to their growing importance in high tech applications and the global energy transition.

It also builds on last year’s release of Australia’s first Critical Minerals Strategy and the recent creation of the Critical Minerals Facilitation Office.

To showcase Australia’s critical minerals offerings, the prospectus includes:

  • an introduction to critical minerals and rare-earth elements, Australian potential, and global supplies
  • a profile of Australia’s current production of critical minerals and rankings against global supplies
  • a summary of how Australian agencies support the development of critical minerals in Australia
  • an analysis of each critical mineral, including characteristics, current supply and demand
  • a list of advanced critical minerals projects in Australia, including mineral inventory, infrastructure and funding

There is also a companion document that sets out a comprehensive list of critical minerals projects across Australia.

As these documents demonstrate, Australia is very well-placed to meet the growing demand for critical mineral products.

To read more about Australia's energy and resources capabilities and investment opportunities, go to the Austrade website here.

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