Australia unveils Critical Minerals Prospectus showcasing investment-ready projects

The prospectus highlights 52 high-quality, investment-ready critical minerals projects, encompassing mining, processing, and value-adding opportunities throughout the critical minerals supply chain.


Critical mineral resources play a crucial role in advancing green technologies, being integral to the development and sustainability of tech like solar panels, electric vehicles, and wind turbines.

Yesterday, the Australian government launched an Australian Critical Minerals Prospectus.

The projects showcased within the prospectus complement the new Critical Minerals List and aims to foster transparency, attract investments, and solidify Australia's leadership position in the critical minerals industry. A focus on building supply chain security is a strategy aimed at ensuring a reliable and consistent flow of these essential resources in the face of increasing global demand.

Recent independent research has reaffirmed Australia's status as the most attractive region globally for mining investment. This appeal is attributed to the country's secure economy, supported by robust exports, services, and a stable regulatory environment.

To further facilitate investment in critical minerals projects, the Australian Government has also expanded the Critical Minerals Facility to $4 billion. This financial backing is anticipated to catalyse innovation, sustain economic growth, and attract both domestic and international investors keen on contributing to the nation's burgeoning critical minerals sector.

The release of the prospectus includes updated figures on Australia's critical mineral resources, offering valuable insights.

“The road to net zero runs through Australia’s resources sector," said Minister for Resources, Madeleine King.

“Australia’s critical minerals are key to the world’s energy transformation."

“But we need to attract investment to get these minerals out of the ground, to process them here, to build the batteries, wind turbines and solar panels required make the switch to a lower carbon economy."

“This prospectus will help attract the investment we need to build new industries, create jobs and reduce global emissions.”

Read Critical Minerals Prospectus: Australia's Opportunity to Lead the World.

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