Australian METS businesses invited to respond to BHP challenge

Australian METS companies are invited to participate in a new business opportunity in Chile


METS Ignited together with Fundacion Chile's Expande Open Innovation Program invite Australian METS to respond to BHP's cleaning optimisation challenge for PF filters and conveyor belts.

BHP are looking for solutions to increase productivity, reduce cleaning times for filters and belts, and reduce risk of personal exposition in cleaning activities.

Challenge objectives:

  • Optimise the cleaning activities of PF filters and belts
  • Reduce the cleaning time for filters and belts
  • Reduce risk of personal exposition in cleaning activities
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce costs in components damage

About Fundacion Chile

Fundacion Chile are a private non-profit organisation that fosters innovation. With partners the State of Chile and BHP, Fundacion Chile develop local and international networks, delivering high impact solutions in areas such as sustainability, human capital development, education, aquaculture, entrepreneurship, and foods.

Throughout their existence they have become a "do tank", creating more than 65 companies in diverse productive areas in Chile, promoting new industries and innovative products within the main natural resource areas of the country, generating value, quality, and new exports. Delivering high-impact technological solutions through transference, adaption, research, and development has required a joint-management with more than 160 international organisations - companies, governments and technological centres, among others - in 35 countries.

About Expande

Expande is a public-private collaborative model that promotes the development of high-potential solutions from technology-based companies and connects them with the challenges facing the mining industry. Its long-term vision was defined in the Mining Technology Roadmap 2015-2035, coordinated by Fundacion Chile and articulated by the Alta Ley National Mining Program from Transforma-Corfo and seeks to become a fundamental pillar for the development of technology suppliers from and to the industry.

Expande seeks to increase the number of challenges to and from the industry; identify and disseminate development opportunities; increase productive nexus among ecosystem; highlight and promote the use of public and private funds to develop and implement technologies; and create a portfolio of innovation projects that allow the development of an industry of goods and services around mining with export potential.

The submission deadline is Thursday 2 May (14:00 pm continental Chilean time), download the challenge information.

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