Beyond Zero Emissions research report outlines national cleantech potential

'Deploy' outlines a five-year plan, identifying the most impactful market-ready technologies and the number of units of each technology Australia needs to deploy to achieve an 81% emissions reduction by 2030

Deploy by BZE

The BZE Deploy report demonstrates that an 81% emissions reduction is achievable by 2030 with an ambitious rollout of cleantech over the next five years, supported by targeted carbon drawdown. This reduction can also create up to 195,000 jobs and repower Australia’s manufacturing regions.

A technology rollout at scale, plus carbon drawdown for targeted activities, can put Australia on the path to achieving the IPCC scenario SSP1-1.9 (for 1.5 deg of average global warming) and create 195,000 jobs that are not susceptible to the boom and bust of the fossil fuel markets.

"With six technologies that are developed and in-market today, we outline how we can achieve outsized emissions reduction, create future-proof jobs, and lay the economic foundations for modern and competitive export industries," says Geoff Summerhayes, Chair of Beyond Zero.

"Deploy sets out how wind turbines, solar, energy storage, heat pumps, electrolysers and EV’s, can transform electricity generation, buildings, vehicles, and industry, supported by carbon drawdown, to combine to deliver an 81% reduction."

To read the Deploy report, go to the Beyond Zero Emissions website here.

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