Bioenergy Roadmap to grow emerging energy source

The new roadmap will enhance the growth of Australia’s bioenergy sector and identify the role bioenergy can play in Australia’s future energy mix.


Bioenergy is a renewable energy source created from organic and renewable materials, also known as biomass. Biomass can produce heat, electricity, biogas and liquid fuels.

Minister Taylor has requested that the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) develops the roadmap, to ensure that bioenergy has the scope to expand as an energy source in Australia.

“We want to grow this emerging energy source and the roadmap will help to inform future policy decisions in the bioenergy sector”, said Minister Taylor.

“Bioenergy currently contributes up to approximately 4 per cent of Australia’s total energy consumption, as opposed to approximately 7 per cent in other OECD countries.

“It’s important to support new and emerging energy sources like bioenergy so that we can continue to deliver extra energy supply to the market, drive down energy prices for families and businesses, and lower emissions.”

The Bioenergy Roadmap will assist with investment decisions by quantifying opportunities where Australia has a competitive advantage in the bioenergy sector.

Leading bioenergy industry stakeholders will be consulted on the development of the roadmap, with broader industry consultations to be held in early 2020. Finalisation of the roadmap is expected by mid-2020.

The roadmap will leverage the existing work undertaken in bioenergy supported by ARENA and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC). The Government has already invested over $179 million in bioenergy projects through ARENA and the CEFC since 2015.

The roadmap will consider:

  • The potential for biofuels to decarbonise the industrial and transport sectors;
  • The role biofuels can play in contributing to Australia’s liquid fuel security;
  • Opportunities to use biogas in the gas network;
  • Bioenergy’s capacity to generate heat, steam and power; and
  • Quantifying the economic opportunities for Australia, including a focus on regional Australia.

The Bioenergy Roadmap is part of the Government’s commitment to reduce Australia’s emissions by 26 to 28 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030.

The continued development of Australia’s bioenergy sector has the potential to deliver lower energy prices, stimulate regional development, enhance our energy security and help meet our emissions reduction targets.

To learn more about bioenergy, go to the CEFC website here.

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