Climate Change Authority's 2023 Report urges accelerated renewable energy action for emission targets

The report contains 42 recommendations, stressing the importance of collaborative efforts between the Australian government and states/territories to align policies.

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The Climate Change Authority's 2023 Annual Progress Report, released alongside the government's Annual Climate Change Statement, raises concerns regarding Australia's progression towards meeting its emission reduction targets.

Established under the Climate Change Authority Act 2011, the Climate Change Authority provide expert advice to the Australian Government on climate change policy.

“Our report found that Australia is not yet on track to meet its 2030 targets,” said Brad Archer, CEO of the Climate Change Authority.

“We are tracking the highest priority measures that the government is pursuing towards achieving the 2030 target and supporting Australia becoming a prosperous, net zero economy. It’s going to take time for these measures to take effect."

“Achieving the 82% renewable energy target is going to be crucial for Australia’s ability to meet the 43% emissions reduction target. This will require some heavy lifting.”

The report's 42 recommendations stress the importance of collaborative efforts between the Australian government and states/territories to align policies effectively for achieving the 2030 emission targets. It proposes forging agreements to enhance coordination and cooperation among different governance levels to address climate change mitigation, adaptation, and resilience planning.

“With 2030 only seven years away, we believe the time is right for a new commonwealth-state agreement process that would provide a framework for cooperation on the response to climate change, including where coordinated action is required in the national interest,” said Archer.

“There is broad community support for strong action on climate change, but delivering the changes needed in the economy and in society to meet our emissions reductions targets are immense and urgent. These are the changes that will underpin a successful transition to a net zero economy and ensure Australia’s future prosperity and resilience."

The complete 2023 Annual Progress Report is available for download here.

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