CSIRO and Boeing collaborate on future of Sustainable Aviation

The new Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Roadmap emphasizes the importance of developing a local industry and identifies opportunities to produce and scale production using Australian feedstocks.

CSIRO Senior Experimental scientist Philip Hazewinkel in the Perth CSIRO Labs with a sample of Fischer-Tropsch wax - a standby jet fuel pre-cursor for an approved sustainable aviation fuel. Image: CSIRO

The Australian national science agency, CSIRO, and Boeing Australia have released a roadmap outlining the potential for a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) industry in Australia.

SAF is produced from renewable sources such as agricultural waste, animal fats, and vegetable oils, resulting in significantly reduced carbon emissions compared to conventional jet fuel.

With domestic demand for jet fuel expected to rise by 75 percent by 2050, the report indicates that Australia has sufficient resources to produce almost 5 billion liters of SAF by 2025, which could supply around 60 percent of the projected jet fuel demand for that year. The roadmap suggests using feedstocks like sugarcane, sawmill residues, municipal solid waste, hydrogen, and CO2 for producing SAF.

The roadmap also acknowledges challenges that the Australian SAF industry must overcome, including feedstock availability, supply chain constraints, and aligning with international standards and regulations. The report highlights the role of the Australian Defence Force in kickstarting the SAF industry and addressing fuel security challenges.

Both CSIRO and Boeing are members of the Federal Government's Jet Zero Council, which aims to achieve net-zero carbon emissions in the aviation industry by 2050. The roadmap aligns with these goals and supports the commitment of the commercial aviation industry to reducing carbon emissions.

The collaboration between CSIRO and Boeing spans over three decades and has led to significant advances in aerospace technology. The roadmap emphasizes the significance of SAF in advancing Australia's net-zero ambitions and becoming a major player in the global shift toward sustainable aviation fuels.

Download the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Roadmap.

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