Discover the work of the Advanced Technologies for Australian Iron Ore Research Hub

You are invited to an online event which will showcase the research and outcomes of the ARC Research Hub - Advanced Technologies for Australian Iron Ore.

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The Australian Research Council (ARC) Research Hub for Advanced Technologies for Australian Iron Ore was launched in 2015 at the Institute for Energy and Resources at The University of Newcastle.

With ARC funding matched by industry contributions, world-class researchers at this hub liaise closely with partners to address challenges currently facing the mining sector, including improving value in iron ore production and markets, and developing innovative technologies.

The Hub focuses on three research programs covering:


Iron Ore Beneficiation increases the grade of iron whilst maximising recovery and reduces the content of ultrafine low-grade slimes to maximise return on investment from the mining process prior to sale or further refining in the iron making process.


Materials Handling addresses the problems that arise when high moisture, sticky ores are transported through bins and chutes and onto ships across the supply chain.


The knowledge and deep understanding that is built up around the various ores and ore types is critical to inform the supply chain from mines to end user if the full potential of the ore is to be realised

The online showcase will reveal research focused on the development and adoption of advanced technologies into iron ore mining operations, and new knowledge for informing producers and end-users.

The online showcase will take place at 11am on November 23. Follow this link to register your place.

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