EnergyCo and TAFE NSW collaborate on renewable energy microskill course for REZ locals

People living in renewable energy zones can learn how to kickstart a renewable energy career with a new microskill course.

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EnergyCo and TAFE NSW are set to introduce an online microskill course, "Prepare to Work in the Renewable Energy Sector," targeted at residents in Renewable Energy Zones (REZs). Anticipated for launch in 2024, this initiative aims to provide a foundational gateway to pursue careers within the thriving renewable energy industry.

Mike Young, EnergyCo Executive Director, Planning and Communities said EnergyCo will work closely with school students and First Nations communities in the REZs to initially provide up to 500 free passes to the course.

Janet Schorer, TAFE NSW's Chief Delivery Officer, emphasized the course's inclusivity, catering to individuals seeking an introductory understanding of the renewable energy sector.

The curriculum will encompass insights into renewable energy careers, an overview of NSW's REZs, and understanding of large-scale renewable energy generation. It aims to serve as an ideal entry point for tradespeople, final year apprentices, school leavers, and career changers looking to delve into this burgeoning industry.

Making strides in preparing for the burgeoning renewable energy sector, TAFE NSW Wellington is already equipping individuals with the skills needed for local employment opportunities.

TAFE NSW Director of Career Pathways, Aboriginal Languages & Employability Skills, Jennifer Polk, said a recent information session in Wellington has increased awareness among the community about the career pathways available in the renewable energy industry.

“There are a lot of job opportunities and positive economic impacts for the Wellington community as a result of the REZ, and TAFE NSW is committed to training a pipeline of high-quality, job-ready employees equipped to step into local jobs,” Ms Polk said.

“This term we are offering a Statement in Education and Employment Pathways specifically tailored to the renewable energy industry. The course offers an introduction to renewable energy, exposes learners to different trade areas and focuses on employability and foundation skills.

“With jobs in renewable energy set to increase in 2024-25, this course is a great foundation for those wanting to take advantage of the opportunities the industry brings to the region.”

Squadron Energy
’s Executive General Manager People & Culture Kate Sykes said it is so important to be upskilling the local community, setting them up for a career in a rapidly growing industry.

“Squadron Energy is working on several ways to provide job opportunities in the renewables sector in Wellington,” Ms Sykes said.

“We have opportunities for two local First Nations people to train in the wind turbine space, with potential to then work locally at our Uungula Wind Farm."

“We are also providing opportunities for locals to upskill in areas that translate to careers in renewables.”

For those interested in exploring employment, training, and local supply opportunities within the NSW REZs, go to the EnergyCo website here.
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