EOIs for Clean Energy Precinct at Port of Newcastle now open

As the Port of Newcastle propels its Clean Energy Precinct forward, the EOIs process marks a crucial juncture in its journey towards sustainable energy solutions.

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The Port of Newcastle has reached a significant milestone in its ambitious Clean Energy Precinct (CEP) project, unveiling two new Expressions of Interest (EOIs).

EOI Domestic Decarbonisation: Driving Clean Energy Production in the Hunter Region

In a move that underscores its commitment to local decarbonization efforts, the Port of Newcastle has issued an Expression of Interest (EOI) aimed at clean energy production projects within the Hunter Region. The goal of this EOI is to propel domestic decarbonization outcomes by fostering clean energy production at the CEP.

The Hunter Region has long been a hub for energy production, and with this initiative, the Port of Newcastle is signaling its intent to pivot towards sustainable and eco-friendly energy solutions. By inviting proposals for clean energy projects, the port aims to play a pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions and advancing the region's environmental sustainability goals.

EOI CEP Enablement FEED: Paving the Way for Comprehensive Infrastructure

In a parallel effort, the Port of Newcastle has opened up a new avenue for industry partners with expertise in engineering and design. The EOI CEP Enablement FEED seeks qualified partners to conduct Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) studies. These studies will lay the groundwork for critical infrastructure elements, including pipelines, storage facilities, berth and export infrastructure, as well as electrical and water infrastructure.

The FEED process is integral to ensuring that the Clean Energy Precinct's infrastructure is meticulously planned and executed. By involving industry experts in the early stages, the Port of Newcastle aims to streamline the development process and create a solid foundation for the precinct's future operations.

The FEED EOI has been released on Tenderlink with Reference Number: PORTO-1068066

Response Deadline

Responses to both EOIs must be submitted by Wednesday, August 30, 2023. This timeline underlines the port's commitment to swift progress and a dynamic approach to project advancement.

Further Market Engagement

The Port of Newcastle anticipates further engagement with the market across two key domains:

  1. Enablement: This encompasses construction, utilities, distribution, storage development and operation, vessel bunkering, and shipping. The port recognizes the value of collaboration in ensuring seamless integration of these elements within the Clean Energy Precinct.
  2. Production: From production optimization and renewable energy supply to technology provision, design and construction, distribution, and off-take, this aspect highlights the diverse range of opportunities within the precinct's framework.

For additional information and inquiries, interested parties are encouraged to reach out via email to energy@portofnewcastle.com.au.

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