Fast Facts for Energy Consumers

When to run pool pumps, air conditioners and washing machines to decrease demand and save money

  • The power system is under the most strain during high demand days between 4PM to 7PM, most commonly during periods of extreme heat (38 degrees plus)

  • On an average summer day, the lowest demand period during daylight hours is between 11AM and 2PM. Using electrical appliances that can be programmed during this period puts the least amount of strain on our energy systems during a heatwave, especially if you have solar panels installed on your roof

  • Using appliances (like your dishwasher or washing machine) later in the evening, from 8PM onwards, can significantly assist our energy systems

  • Turning up your air conditioner from 20 to 24 degrees, for even an hour during summer, can help relieve stress on the network during peak demand and save you money

  • For every one degree over 38, AEMO estimates an additional 125 MW of demand on the system in the smaller states and can be as high as 250 MW in the larger regions

  • If 100,000 consumers temporarily switch off their pool pumps during 4PM to 7PM, which uses 1.5KW an hour, demand can be reduced by approximately 150 MW! That’s enough energy to cover a rise in temperature as outlined in the point above.
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