Federal Government expands New Energy Apprenticeships Program

Since its inception last year, the program has already seen more than 2,210 New Energy Apprentices enrolled. Now, industry informed changes will see the program extended even further.

Energy students

In a bid to bolster Australia's transition to a net-zero economy and support the nation's renewable energy goals, the Federal Government has announced the expansion of the New Energy Apprenticeships Program.

The initiative, jointly announced by Brendan O'Connor MP, Minister for Skills and Training, and Chris Bowen MP, Minister for Climate Change and Energy, aims to encourage more individuals to enter sectors critical in advancing clean energy technologies.

Effective from 1 June 2024, the existing program will undergo significant changes following consultations with industry stakeholders.

The revisions address practical challenges faced by key sectors during the transition to clean energy and adapt to emerging technologies. The requirement that an apprentice’s work be solely dedicated to clean energy is being removed, while retaining a clean energy focus for the apprenticeship.

The expanded program will now encompass a broader range of apprenticeships, including designing and constructing hydroelectricity, solar, and battery installations, as well as electric vehicle maintenance, among others. These changes seek to address skill shortages and provide avenues for more apprentices and trainees to gain expertise in sectors exposed to clean energy.

“We must do all we can to supercharge our efforts to address climate change, as well as address the acute skills shortages we face to rewire the nation.” Minister Brendan O'Connor said.

O'Connor noted the program's flexibility, aimed at making access to incentives easier and eligibility more practical, while urging Australians to seize the opportunity to contribute to the environment while gaining valuable trade skills.

The New Energy Apprenticeships Program provides apprentices with up to $10,000 in support over the duration of their training, aiming to alleviate cost-of-living challenges typically faced by apprentices, particularly during their initial years. With a focus on 40 different occupations, the program encourages more apprentices to develop skills relevant to the net-zero transition.

For more information about New Energy Apprentices, visit the official website here


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