International spotlight on University of Newcastle hydrogen energy storage revolution

The University of Newcastle's renewable energy expertise, showcased in the FOX Business documentary series "Innovative Technology Leaders Advancing Renewable Energy Storage," is expected to reach over 60 million viewers.

Prof moghtaderi
Laureate Professor Behdad Moghtaderi. Image: University of Newcastle.

The pioneering hydrogen work of Laureate Professor Behdad Moghtaderi, Director of the University of Newcastle's Centre for Innovative Energy Technologies is being broadcast in a documentary shown on CNBC, CNN, and the Discovery Channel.

Produced by the ViewPoint Project, the episode featuring Laureate Professor Moghtaderi highlights the University's collaboration with LAVO, a clean technology company, in developing a renewable energy storage device.

The focus of the project is to address the challenge of storing energy for extended durations, particularly during periods when renewable sources like wind and solar are not actively generating power due to weather conditions.

L/Professor Moghtaderi and his team aim to create a low-cost, high-performance, safe, and sustainable green hydrogen-based energy storage solution. This technology would allow surplus energy from sunny and windy days to be stored and utilized when needed, contributing to the reliability and availability of renewable energy.

The project, supported by the Trailblazer for Recycling and Clean Energy (TRaCE) program, aligns with the global effort to reduce carbon emissions by advancing clean energy technologies.

The need for Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES) solutions is crucial to achieving net-zero targets. While wind and solar power have shown promise as clean energy sources, their intermittent nature necessitates effective storage solutions.

LAVO's patented metal hydride technology, featured in the documentary, is presented as a groundbreaking LDES solution. The integration of a fuel cell and electrolyser into the Hydrogen Energy Storage System (HESS) is expected to provide reliable and dispatchable renewable energy.

Watch the full ViewPoint documentary segment on LAVO and the University's project here.

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