Undertake R&D in collaboration with research institutions....and increase your market share

To meet the new frontier of energy and resources demands, collaborative innovation is not just smart, it's imperative.


How ready are you to take your ideas further? The Collaborate to Innovate project aims to develop the capabilities of SMEs ready to undertake research and development with Australian research institutions.

Collaborate to Innovate is a partnership between the NSW Energy and Resources Knowledge Hub, Newcastle Institute of Energy and Resources (NIER), the Federal Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme (EP) and Austmine (as an Industry Partner to EP). Although it will requires time spent in Newcastle, it is open to SME's from across Australia.

The Workshop

During the Newcastle workshop on February 26, participants will be given an overview of the research collaboration opportunities and processes offered by NIER at the University of Newcastle. This includes the NSW Energy and Resources Knowledge Hub, which offers the the facilities of the Innovation Launchpad.

The featured speakers are:

Alan Broadfoot, NIER
Michael Dickson, Evocra
Kevin Barber, Jord
Anthony Holzwart, Austmine
Paul Scobie, Newcastle Innovation

The workshop will help identify SMEs eligible for, and interested in, engaging with NIER to undertake collaborative research.

The Program

Development of specific capabilities within participating businesses to better equip them to undertake research collaboration and commercialise innovative products and services, will follow.

The extended Collaborate to Innovate program includes a tailored gap analysis with a Business Advisor to produce a development plan with specific recommendations for moving forward. A 12 month development pathway will be mapped out and SMEs will get access to a business advisor and research support services through NIERs partnership programs.

Who can apply?

This program targets SMEs keen to explore and develop their research and development (R&D) potential. Candidates in the following categories are encouraged to apply:

  • SMEs from any region in Australia, but willing for a representative to spend some time in Newcastle.
  • SMEs who have a technical problem to solve that may be solved through research (compatible with NIER research)
  • SMEs with innovative products or services who have not been able to successfully break into the market
  • SMEs who are interested in growing their business and reaching new markets, but don’t know where to start
  • SMEs who are research-curious and open to engaging with R&D.

To register for the initial Collaborate to Innovate workshop on February 26, go to the the event page here.

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