Localised and resilient: Merriwa Microgrid trial to set standard for future energy security

The Merriwa Microgrid project, by ensuring that essential services can continue to function, even in adverse conditions, represents a model for future community-focused energy projects.

Merriwa by Ausgrid
Image: Ausgrid

The Merriwa Microgrid a first of its kind on the Ausgrid network, has been developed in consultation with the community. It aims to provide off-network power supply to key businesses and community services in Merriwa during extreme weather outages.

The microgrid, by Ausgrid in collaboration with Yurika, is to be located at the Ausgrid Depot and scheduled for delivery in the first half of 2024. A total of 28 essential properties within its catchment area will then be equipped with the necessary infrastructure to remain operational during outages.

A microgrid is a compact power network integrating diverse energy generation, storage, and control technologies, functioning independently of the central power grid. It operates autonomously, leveraging energy sources like solar, battery storage, and backup generators (e.g., diesel power) during disruptions or unavailability of the main grid.

The primary objective of a microgrid is to ensure uninterrupted and reliable power supply, particularly during extreme weather events or emergencies leading to main grid outages. Its design, featuring a mix of energy sources and storage solutions, aims to bolster the overall energy network's resilience and dependability, reducing reliance on a singular energy source.

The Merriwa project targets critical services such as pharmacies, grocery stores, and fuel providers, along with institutions like the RSL and Country Women's Association, enabling them to continue supporting the community even during adverse conditions. The collaboration with Yurika, known for integrating effective renewable energy solutions into remote communities, adds expertise to the project.

"It's not just about power; it's about empowering our residents and businesses to be more resilient and sustainable,” Upper Hunter Shire Council Mayor, Cr Maurice Collison said.

“This project is another shining example of what can be achieved when the community, local government, and innovative companies come together for the greater good.”

For more information on the Merriwa Microgrid visit www.ausgrid.com.au/merriwamicrogrid.

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