Matt Kean appointed as new chair of national Climate Change Authority

Kean, a former NSW Treasurer and Minister for Energy and Environment, will replace Mr. Grant King, who is stepping down from the role.

Kean from Bowens X
From left; Kean, Bowen and Albanese at the press conference today. Image: Chris Bowen X

The Australian Government has announced the appointment of The Honourable Matt Kean as the new Chair of the Climate Change Authority (CCA). The CCA is responsible for advising the government on climate change policy, aiming to optimize the benefits of the energy transition for households and businesses, and fostering job creation.

During his tenure as NSW Minister for Energy and Environment, Kean has shown that it is possible to make substantial progress in reducing emissions while also fostering economic growth and job creation. He was instrumental in launching the NSW Net Zero Plan, which outlines the state's commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. This plan includes comprehensive strategies to cut emissions across the electricity, transport, and agricultural sectors. Under his leadership, NSW saw the introduction of policies that encouraged the adoption of solar and wind energy, and measures that supported energy efficiency improvements across various sectors.

Mr. Grant King, the outgoing Chair, has played a crucial role in re-establishing the CCA’s function under the current government. King introduced the Annual Progress Advice to the Minister and led several legislative reviews and reports on climate change strategies. His leadership has set a solid foundation for the CCA, and his contributions have been integral in shaping the country's approach to climate change mitigation. Before his resignation in early August, he will deliver his final advice on decarbonisation pathways for various sectors, providing a comprehensive framework for future climate action.

The government also named Ms. Patty Akopiantz as a new Member of the Authority. The appointment of Akopiantz, who brings additional expertise and a fresh perspective, is expected to complement the work of the Authority in achieving its climate goals.

As the new Chair, Kean is expected to leverage his extensive experience to guide the CCA in advising the government on effective climate policies. His past accomplishments provide a strong indication that he will be an effective advocate for sustainable energy practices, helping to drive the nation towards its net-zero emissions targets and fostering a greener, more sustainable future.

At the press conference to announce his appointment today, Kean was very clear to commit to be led by science in his new role, not by partisan ideology.

"As the incoming Chair of the Climate Change Authority, my job is to advise the Government based on evidence, that includes engineering evidence, economic evidence and scientific evidence," Keen said.

"And that's what I intend to do. We need to make decisions based on facts and that's what I'll be doing."

To read a transcript of the press conference during which Kean's appointment was announced, including Albanese, Bowen and Kean answering questions from the media, go to the Prime Minister's website here.

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