METS and Mining powerhouse contributors to Australia's economy

Analysis by Deloitte Access Economics for the MCA has confirmed that Australia’s minerals and METS sectors are significant contributors to Australia’s ongoing prosperity. Economic Contribution of the Mining and METS sector: Australian estimates found that the sector generated $241.9 billion in value added to the national economy in 2019-20, representing approximately 12.4 per cent of the value of the Australian economy.

Australia’s mining and METS sector supported an estimated 1,131,450 full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs in Australia, representing approximately 10.8 per cent of total FTE employment. It directly contributed $145.3 billion in value added to the Australian economy and also directly supported 483,499 FTE jobs in Australia.

It also outlaid approximately $110 billion in intermediate expenditures, generating an indirect economic contribution to the national economy of $96.6 billion in value added. Around 647,950 FTE jobs outside the mining and METS sector were supported through these flow-on linkages.

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