METS Ignited concludes 8-Year program, celebrates industry advancements

The NSW Energy and Resources Knowledge Hub would like to recognise its partner METS Ignited for the amazing achievements the Industry Growth Centre accomplished during its 8 year program.

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The Australia's METS (Mining Equipment, Technology, and Services) sector has celebrated the culmination of an exceptional eight-year program spearheaded by METS Ignited. This initiative has been instrumental in fostering collaboration and driving innovation within the industry, marking significant milestones in growth and development.

Under the banner of the Growth Centre objectives, METS Ignited successfully accelerated the commercialization of innovations, enhanced industry skills, and fortified exports in sectors of national competitive advantage.

Throughout its tenure, the program achieved remarkable feats:

  • Execution of 35 industry projects, involving over 20 Australian companies
  • Leveraging 2.5 times matched industry funding, facilitating groundbreaking initiatives
  • Paving the way for the creation of over 1,000 new roles within the sector
  • A projected annual revenue surge of $900 million by 2025, testament to the program's impactful contributions

The program's impact extended far beyond project execution. METS Ignited conducted 24 Industry Accelerators, engaging with over 190 companies, and organized 55 Masterclasses, benefiting over 920 participants across the nation. The emphasis on fostering a robust ecosystem for Australian innovation was evident through investments in innovation hubs, precincts, and consortiums, contributing to a sustainable framework for continued growth.

The recent climax of the program was marked by METS Ignited's sponsorship of the prestigious International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) 2023 in Sydney. This global congregation hosted 9,000 delegates from 120 countries, featuring 600 speakers and over 500 exhibitors. The keynote presentation highlighted the pivotal role of local innovation in driving the imminent clean energy revolution.

Elizabeth Lewis-Gray, the founder and inaugural chair of METS Ignited, has been honored with the esteemed Legend of Mining Award. Her remarkable contributions to the mining industry and the inception of the Industry Growth Centre were acknowledged with deep appreciation.

Adrian Beer, CEO of METS Ignited, expressed gratitude to the Federal Government Department of Industry, Science, and Resources for their unwavering support throughout the program. Additionally, Beer highlighted the continuous partnership with the Australian Innovation eXchange (AIX) to leverage local technology vendors, marking them as a pivotal channel for homegrown innovation.

As METS Ignited concludes its impactful journey, the legacy of this eight-year initiative stands as a testament to collaborative efforts, fostering innovation, and propelling Australia's METS sector towards sustained growth and global recognition.

Review the impressive work of METS Ignited on their website here.

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