New Vehicle Efficiency Standards to drive down Australian transport emissions and costs

The national road to zero emissions has become smoother as the Australian Parliament passed the New Vehicle Efficiency Standards into law, earning praise from the Electric Vehicle Council (EVC).


In a congratulatory statement, Behyad Jafari, CEO of Electric Vehicle Council (EVC), lauded the importance of the adoption of New Vehicle Efficiency Standards for the nation's commitment to sustainability.

Jafari pointed out the importance of Australia finally adopting global standards, stressing the long-standing efforts to encourage car manufacturers to offer affordable electric options.

"For many years now, we’ve campaigned for Australia to join the US and Europe by introducing vehicle efficiency standards so car makers are incentivised to offer their best and most affordable electric options to Australians," remarked Jafari.

Jafari noted the benefits these standards would bring to Australian drivers, including more vehicle choices, reduced fuel costs, and lower emissions.

"Australian drivers will benefit from access to a greater choice of vehicles, lower fuel bills, and real cuts to transport emissions," he stated, stressing that increased options would drive greater EV uptake.

Acknowledging the collaborative effort behind this achievement, Jafari commended the contributions of EVC members and congratulated the federal government for its resolve in enacting these reforms.

"I’m proud of the influential and constructive role EVC members have played in delivering today's result," noted Jafari. "I congratulate the federal government for having the mettle to take this step forward after several of their predecessors promised but failed to introduce this important reform in the national interest," he added.

The passing of the New Vehicle Efficiency Standards signifies Australia's departure from being seen as a dumping ground for inefficient vehicles, setting a solid and transparent framework for future advancements.

Set to begin on 1 January 2025, the Standard will only apply to new cars, meaning Australians can expect a greater and better range of diesel, petrol, hybrid and electric vehicles to enter our markets.

The 2024-25 Budget includes provision of $84.5 million over five years to help establish the scheme, a regulator and facilitate credit trading between manufacturers

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