NSW LNP announce major investment in electric and hybrid vehicle future

LNP commit to fast charging points for electric vehicles, trial electric bus services and more electric and hybrid government vehicles as part of the ongoing transition towards cleaner transport options


The NSW Government’s Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Plan includes a $3 million co-investment in fast charging points for electric and hybrid vehicles on major regional corridors, and $2 million for new charging points in commuter car parks.

“More people are embracing electric and hybrid vehicles and we need to do our part to ensure we have the infrastructure in place so that people are confident to use these vehicles right across the state,” Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Mr Constance said.

“That’s why we’re planning fast charging points for major regional corridors including the Newell, Great Western, New England, Pacific and Princes Highways and the Hume Motorway.”

The NSW Government is committing to a minimum ten per cent of new government fleet vehicles being electric or hybrid from 2020.

An important part of the plan is the development of electric bus services, with a number of trials to begin shortly, led by the private bus industry and government, including a new market sounding announced today.

“Electric vehicles are here, they are cheaper to fuel and maintain, but we need to keep developing the network and charging infrastructure to further drive their uptake,” Mr Constance said.

The NSW Government has also released its five-year plan for connected and automated vehicles this week.

For more on the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle plan visit future.transport.gov.au here.

For more on the Connected and Automated Vehicles plan, visit future.transport.gov.au here.

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