Federal Government's $330 million investment paves the way for emissions reduction in Australian heavy industries

The Powering the Regions Fund investment in clean energy and emissions reduction projects across heavy industrial sectors aims to secure Australia's future by supporting regional jobs and advancing low-emissions product manufacturing.


With a funding injection of $330 million through the Powering the Regions Fund, the government aims to support nine projects nationwide, ensuring not just the survival but the advancement of Australian industry as global demand for low emissions products rises.

Minister Bowen, while visiting Cement Australia’s Railton facility in Tasmania, announced a substantial investment of $52.9 million to upgrade their kiln and incorporate alternative fuels, like waste, to decrease emissions. The investment is part of a broader effort to future-proof Australia’s heavy industries in a decarbonising world.

Other projects receiving support include a $93 million energy efficiency upgrade at the QAL Alumina refinery in Gladstone, QLD, and a $50 million effort to reduce emissions intensity at the Adbri cement manufacturing plant in Port Adelaide, SA. The Fund will also see $44 million go towards energy efficiency upgrades at Shoalhaven Starches food manufacturing in Nowra, NSW.

Further investments include $35 million to power Murrin Murrin cobalt and nickel operations with renewables in Leonora, WA, and $32.9 million for emissions reduction at the CSBP chemical manufacturing facility in Kwinana, WA. In Tasmania, $15 million will be allocated to electrify the Grange Resources Iron Ore mine in Savage River, and $5 million for fuel switching at the Grange Resources Iron Pellet plant in Port Latta. Finally, a $700,000 grant will fund an alternative fuel trial at Liberty metals manufacturing site in Bell Bay, Tasmania.

These initiatives aim not only to create hundreds of new jobs during construction but also to secure existing regional roles that have long supported Australian families and communities. The projects collectively are expected to cut 830,000 tonnes of emissions annually, equivalent to removing over a quarter of a million cars from Australian roads.

Minister Bowen noted the significance of these grants in securing the future of Australian heavy industries, stating, “This $330 million investment in Australia’s hard-to-abate manufacturing and mining facilities is about securing the future of high-quality, low-emissions products made right here.”

He continued, “Northern Tasmania, Central Queensland, and Western Australia have been industrial powerhouses for generations, and the Albanese Government is ensuring that continues.”

The Minister for Climate Change and Energy stressed the importance of adapting to rapidly changing global markets, saying, “As global markets change rapidly – we’re supporting Australian industry to not only survive but thrive with our world-class products that support regional jobs across the country.”

To read more about the Powering the Regions Fund, go to the website here.

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