Respect@Work Industry Toolkit latest proactive step in keeping resources sector workplaces safe

The toolkit provides framework for the Australian minerals industry to continue to take action to eliminate workplace sexual harassment

Respect at work MCA

The Minerals Council of Australia has released its Respect@Work industry toolkit as the Australian minerals industry continues to take action to eliminate workplace sexual harassment.

The toolkit builds on the minerals industry’s commitment to eliminating sexual harassment and the Industry Code on Eliminating Sexual Harassment released earlier this year.

It provides general guidance on the systems that can be developed to respond to risks of sexual harassment, and comprises a suite of fact sheets, guidance and templates.

Information has been drawn from a range of sources, including the Australian Human Rights Commission, Champions of Change Coalition, Safe Work Australia, COMCARE, and state based Human Rights Commissions and Safety and Health Authorities.

Resources will continue to be added to the toolkit throughout 2022.

To access the MCA's Respect@Work industry toolkit, go to their website here.

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