Singapore delegation explores University of Newcastle green energy research initiatives

The visit was prompted by joint efforts under the Singapore-Australia Green Economy Agreement (GEA) which aims to benefit businesses, consumers, and the broader community, by promoting a sustainable future.

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The Singaporean delegation with Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources staff including Executive Director Professor Alan Broadfoot (far right). Image: NIER

A delegation from Singapore visited the University of Newcastle this week to learn about its energy research and skills development programs. This visit was organized by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) as part of the Singapore-Australia Green Economy Agreement (GEA).

The group included representatives from the Singapore Energy Market and Civil Aviation Authorities, Nanyang Technological University, Enterprise Singapore, and senior officials from the Ministry of Education.

Singapore-Australia Green Economy Agreement

The GEA, signed on 18 October 2022, aims to promote economic cooperation, increase trade, create business opportunities, and reduce emissions in key industrial sectors.

The GEA strengthens the relationship between Australia and Singapore, building on existing agreements such as the Singapore-Australia Free Trade Agreement and the Low Emissions Solutions Memorandum of Understanding.

Collaboration Areas

Australia and Singapore are working together on several initiatives under the GEA:

1. Trade in Environmental Goods and Services: Facilitating the exchange of green products and technologies.

2. Shipping and Maritime Industry Decarbonisation: Establishing a Green and Digital Shipping Corridor by 2025, developing supply chains for low-carbon fuels, supporting training programs for fuel handling, and using digital technologies to improve port activities.

3. Business Partnerships: Encouraging small and medium enterprises from both countries to develop green products and services through the Go-Green Co-Innovation grants program.

4. Sustainable Finance and Investment: Promoting investments in environmentally sustainable projects.

5. Green Skills and Workforce Development: Sharing knowledge on policies and programs that enhance green skills.

6. Cross-Border Electricity Trade: Creating frameworks to support the exchange of renewable energy.

University’s Energy Research and Initiatives

During the visit, the delegation was introduced to the energy research and initiatives from the Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources (NIER) at the University of Newcastle. Key projects include involvement in the Trailblazer for Recycling and Clean Energy (TRaCE) and the NSW Decarbonisation Innovation Hub. These initiatives aim to develop the skills and technologies needed to reduce emissions.

Hunter Valley Hydrogen Hub

During the delegation's visit, Orica presented its plans for the Hunter Valley Hydrogen Hub, in partnership with Origin Energy.

Read more about the Singapore-Australia Green Economy Agreement (GEA) here.

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