Squadron Energy breaks ground on Uungula Wind Farm, paving the way for Australia's largest renewables hub

Situated near Wellington NSW, within the Central-West Orana Renewable Energy Zone, the wind farm has been approved for connection to the existing transmission grid.

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Squadron Energy has commenced work on the Uungula Wind Farm, with the project set to become the largest wind farm in the region, with 69 turbines.

Squadron Energy's goals extend beyond the Uungula Wind Farm, with parent company Tattarang committed to financing projects in their renewable energy pipeline to produce a total of 14 GW, sufficient to power approximately six million homes.

The Uungula Wind Farm is expected to prevent more than 560,000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually once fully operational.

Squadron Energy already holds the distinction of being the only company to achieve financial close on a wind farm in Australia and inaugurate a major grid-connected wind farm in 2023, with projects totalling 6 GW in their development pipeline.

"The time for talk is over, we are investing right now in Australia’s green energy transition and creating jobs and economic development for regional Australia”, Dr. Andrew Forrest AO, Chairman of Tattarang, said of the project.

The Uungula Wind Farm is expected to have a considerable economic impact, creating over 260 jobs during its construction phase, and infusing approximately $40 million into the local economy. This development will not only generate employment but also foster skills and broader economic opportunities.

Additionally, Squadron Energy's commitment to the community includes offering fast, reliable internet coverage for properties surrounding the wind farm and providing investment opportunities for residents in the Central-West Orana Renewable Energy Zone.

Minister for Climate Change and Energy Chris Bowen acknowledges Squadron Energy's initiative, emphasizing that such projects are instrumental in transforming Australia's energy grid for the 21st century.

“These projects are further proof renewable energy investors are getting on with the job, capitalising on Australia's huge renewable potential, and helping transform our energy grid for the 21st century," Bowen said.

“Firmed renewable energy and storage is not only the cheapest form of energy but provides crucial reliability as increasingly old and unreliable coal fired power stations inevitably exit the system”.

To read more about Squadron Energy's Uungula Wind Farm, go to their website here.

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