Study: Wind farm 'noise' not harmful

The so-called 'silent sound' that emanates from wind farms does not harm human health, a world-first study by Woolcock researchers has confirmed.


The important new research by Woolcock Institute found no evidence for the existence of wind turbine syndrome, a condition that some believe impacts those living near wind farms and is caused by the below human hearing noise called infrasound.

"We've been able to show conclusively that the infrasound generated by wind turbines doesn't make you dizzy or nauseous, doesn't impact heart health or mental health, or impact on sleep," says lead study investigator Associate Professor Nathaniel Marshall.

"Uncertainty around the syndrome has cast a shadow over the future of wind farms as a clean energy source, so it's great to get such a clear result from the study."

The research was published this week in the international journal Environmental Health Perspectives.

To read more about the study, go to the Woolcock Institute website here.

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