Sydney delivery of major electric truck initiative to drive sustainable transportation

The shift to electric trucks is crucial in the move to net zero, given that transport accounts for 20% of Australia's emissions, with trucks and buses contributing a quarter to this figure.

Global express ev trucks

The Federal Government's Driving the Nation program, aimed at modernizing the country's truck fleet and reducing emissions, took another step toward sustainable transportation with the launch of 43 electric trucks in Sydney this month.

The transition to electric trucks will not only decarbonize the delivery vehicle sector but also result in cleaner and quieter streets, reduced air pollution, and lower fuel costs.

Team Global Express, in collaboration with Volvo and Daimler, has initiated the Depot of the Future project, investing $44.3 million to introduce 60 electric trucks. With support from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), the government has contributed $20.1 million to kickstart this endeavor.

These electric trucks, comprising 36 Volvo FL’s and 24 Daimler Fuso eCanters, are expected to replace a third of Team Global Express's fleet in western Sydney.

The upgraded Bungarribee depot incorporates advanced EV charging infrastructure powered by solar energy, reducing pressure on the grid and cutting energy bills.

This initiative is not just about deploying electric vehicles but also about upskilling existing delivery drivers to operate these vehicles efficiently. The knowledge gained from this project will be shared across the trucking industry to facilitate the widespread adoption of electric heavy vehicles.

Prime Minister Albanese highlighted the importance of seizing the opportunities presented by electric heavy vehicles, noting the government's commitment to investing in cleaner and cheaper transport.

“We already have thousands of electric buses and electric cars on the road. This Australian-first project will help modernise our truck fleet, cut down on emissions, save fuel costs and reduce air pollution," Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said.

“This also delivers on our election commitment through the Driving the Nation Fund into cutting transport emissions and rolling out charging infrastructure across Australia."

Overall, the rollout of electric trucks in Sydney represents a collaborative effort between the government, private sector, and technology providers to drive sustainable transportation solutions and combat climate change.

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