Tomago Aluminium seeks partners in renewable energy goals

NSW’s largest energy user is seeking to collaborate with key industry partners to deliver power generation and energy storage projects to secure its future renewable energy needs.

Ingots at Tomago
Image supplied by Tomago Aluminium Company

Tomago Aluminium Company (TAC) are seeking new and innovative proposals for investment and to work in collaboration with key industry and technology partners to develop opportunities for establishing renewable power generation and energy storage projects.

TAC is looking for Expressions of Interest (EOI) to develop, invest in or procure long-term traceable renewable energy and dispatchable firm power generation projects or contracts, to supply its production assets and underpin its decarbonisation strategy and net-zero ambition. The EOI Process will seek to deliver flexibility in relation to energy supply portfolio compositions, participation models and the ability for TAC to leverage its competitive advantage using its site footprint, infrastructure, and large, fast-acting interruptible load.

TAC Chairman, David Fallu said, “Tomago Aluminium Company is NSW’s largest energy user and as such plays a pivotal role in shaping future renewable energy investment in the state. This is a significant opportunity for TAC to collaborate and drive investment in competitive firmed renewable energy sources. TAC’s owners are committed to transitioning the business to a low carbon future, and this is a key step towards reaching that very important goal.”

“TAC is well placed to collaborate with industry to lower the risk profile of delivering significant, commercially viable renewable energy projects in addition to supporting network stability through the energy transition.”

Further announcements on the EOI process will be made during an Industry Briefing scheduled for early November.

To be part of the industry briefing, register your interest via the form on the bottom of the page here.

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