Twin taskforce to ensure NSW Renewable Energy Zones run on regional jobs and local industry

A Manufacturing Renewables Taskforce and a Jobs in Renewable Energy Zones Taskforce will focus on activating local jobs and local materials.


Earlier this month, the NSW Government launched its Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap, a coordinated framework to deliver a modern electricity system for NSW. Included in the framework is the creation of four Renewable Energy Zones across the state.

Although many regional pundits have welcomed this investment focus, some are wondering how much locals will actually benefit from these new zones.

Energy Minister Matt Kean has announced the creation of a new Manufacturing Renewables Taskforce that will look at everything from material sourcing and supply to contracting arrangements, and explore ways to give NSW manufacturers a competitive advantage in emerging ‘green’ supply industries.

The Manufacturing Renewables Taskforce will include representatives from the steel, aluminium, cement, concrete and manufacturing industries, the workers unions, renewable development stakeholder groups and the NSW Government.

“Industry tells us we will need more than 650,000 tonnes of steel to deliver our three Renewable Energy Zones – my priority is finding ways to make sure that the steel and other products that power NSW, are made in NSW by NSW manufacturers,” Mr Kean said.

“The Taskforce will look at terms we can put in our electricity infrastructure contracts and tender rules which will drive the use of NSW products, where they are cost competitive.”

A Jobs in Renewable Energy Zones Taskforce will also be established to ensure jobs created in local communities hosting the new infrastructure, go to local people.

To read more about the State’s Renewable Energy Zones, go here.

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