University of Newcastle unveils green hydrogen vehicle fuel partnership

The state-of-the-art fuel, developed in partnership between the University of Newcastle and Southern Green Gas has been unveiled and demonstrated in Hyundai’s NEXO hydrogen fuel cell SUV.

Prof green hydro
Professor Behdad Moghtaderi refills a hydrogen vehicle with his team's Green Hydrogen fuel. Photo: University of Newcastle

The partnership is aimed at creating carbon-neutral energy from Australian R&D and renewable resources.

At the heart of the technology is the ability to extract pure water from air, then using electrolysis - an electrical current generated from solar panels, split the pure water into hydrogen and oxygen before storing hydrogen as a gas which can be used to power vehicles.

The partnership is developing manufacturing capability across other renewable fuels, including green methane which is made by combining hydrogen with carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Easily transported in existing gas pipeline infrastructure, green methane can be used as a renewable form of natural gas or converted back to hydrogen at the point of use.

Southern Green Gas is supported by its technology partners – specialty gas supplier, Coregas, electrolyster manufacturer, Enapter and gas technology company, Haskel.

The project is kindly supported by ARENA and the NSW Government.

For more information, go to the University of Newcastle website here.

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