University technology spin-off Gelion delivers smart solar benches

Safe, inexpensive and scalable: new battery technology has been tested and installed on campus and is now ready for the commercial market in industry, agriculture and residential

Gelion Technologies, an Australian battery innovator, has delivered on its promise to roll-out solar-powered benches at the University of Sydney, taking its revolutionary battery technology to pre-market stage.

The Endure batteries that power the off-grid smart benches will be the first commercial installation for the company, which was spun-out from the University of Sydney by founder and chemist, Professor Thomas Maschmeyer.

“To power a low-carbon society, we need cheap, safe and ubiquitous batteries for a renewables revolution,” said Professor Maschmeyer, a Eureka Prize winner for leadership in innovation and science.

To read more about Gelion and the smart solar benches, go to the University of Sydney website here.

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