Your feedback wanted on newly released Hunter Transmission Project Overview

To propel NSW toward a renewable energy future amid the closure of coal-fired power stations, EnergyCo has formulated the ambitious Hunter Transmission Project (HTP). This critical initiative is poised to revolutionize the state's energy landscape, promising clean and reliable electricity for generations to come.

Hunter Transmission Project feedback

The Hunter Transmission Project (HTP) is set to establish a groundbreaking 115-kilometer, aboveground 500 kilovolt (kV) transmission line connecting Bayswater to Eraring. This strategic move aims to fortify the core electricity grid and ensure a seamless supply of clean energy to key regions, including Hunter, Sydney, and Illawarra—areas consuming 80% of NSW's electricity.

Central to the project's trajectory is the public exhibition of the HTP's preliminary corridor, inviting stakeholders to contribute their feedback and insights. The exhibition, open until December 18, 2023, encourages participation from the community.

James Hay, Chief Executive of EnergyCo, extended an invitation to energy professionals and stakeholders to offer their feedback, stressing the pivotal role of community engagement in steering the project toward successful fruition.

"The valuable local knowledge gleaned from stakeholders will be instrumental in steering the project toward its urgent deadline in early 2028," Hay reiterated

Hay pointed out the alignment of the HTP with the state's Renewable Energy Zones (REZs) and emphasised the project's significance in shaping a cleaner energy future.

"The HTP marks the first crucial steps in our commitment to unlock a clean energy future while meeting the pressing energy needs of households and businesses in NSW," remarked Hay.

Stakeholders are encouraged to utilise the multiple channels available to contribute to this transformative initiative.

EnergyCo are interested in receiving your feedback on:

  • the strategic need for the project and the role it will play in the transition to a cleaner future
  • the HTP preliminary corridor (where the new transmission line could be located)
  • ways EnergyCo could minimise the project impacts
  • opportunities to maximise the project benefits
  • strategies to minimize environmental and social impacts
  • anything else you want EnergyCo to know.

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To read the Hunter Transmission Project Overview, go here.

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