POSTPONED 11th National Energy Efficiency Conference

Australia is entering the 2020s in an extraordinary position.


The transition to renewable generation is well underway, driven by falling costs, consumer preferences and action by state governments. At the same time, east coast gas prices are extraordinarily high, which is having huge direct impact on business and contributing to higher electricity prices. Importantly, Australia needs to meet its international commitment to reduce its emissions by 26-28 per cent by 2030, and accelerate the transition to a net zero carbon economy by 2050.

Energy management has an absolutely crucial role in dealing with all of these challenges. Energy management encompasses a wide range of practices and technologies, including energy efficiency, demand management or load shifting, and demand response. We can’t move to a net zero Australia and keep energy affordable and reliable unless we put smart energy management at the heart of our energy system.

Your involvement in the National Energy Efficiency Conference 2020 will put you at the centre of this conversation.

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