2019 Hunter Economic Breakfast



Cities and regions where leaders are collaborating with a shared vision and an agreed set of priorities are attracting major public and private investment, according to national and international evidence. Importantly, unified, cross-sector leadership ensures that advocacy on behalf of a city and region delivers economic and social benefits for the whole community and their enterprises.

That is the challenge for Greater Newcastle, which has been growing rapidly, with the potential for further growth and diversification. It is the only non-capital city in Australia with its own Metropolitan Plan. Successful development, with that plan as a touchstone, as well as pursuit of other aspirations, will require collaboration between disparate stakeholders.

A measure of cooperation is evident with the Hunter Joint Organisation of Councils and the new and evolving Committee for the Hunter.

What further insights into collaboration and influence can enable Greater Newcastle to create consensus around strategic initiatives and to influence key players inside and outside the region?

Join Lucy Turnbull AO, Chief Commissioner, Greater Sydney Commission, as she shares her unique experiences and insights in creating consensus and effectively exerting influence around strategic initiatives. As a former Lord Mayor of Sydney, former Chair of the Committee for Sydney, and in her role as Chief Commissioner, Ms Turnbull has succeeded in building collaborative partnerships in a range of arenas.

The HRF Centre's Dr Anthea Bill will draw on over 20 years of unique economic data to present insights for the local economy and how national and international conditions impact the Hunter.

Join 250+ other guests at this long-running event series on 26 July. Be informed, challenged, inspired and 'connected'.


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