2024 CEDA Infrastructure Conference

Join CEDA for a meaningful dialogue on Australia's infrastructure investment, aimed at delivering projects with the utmost public benefit and value.

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Against the backdrop of a dynamic landscape, the 2023-24 Federal Budget has set the stage for genuine nation-building. Through the completion of the Australia's infrastructure investment pipeline review and the introduction of bold measures for cities and suburbs, this full-day conference promises insightful discussions and collaborative exploration.

Infrastructure is the cornerstone of our modern world, influencing where we live, work, and interact socially and economically. It provides the foundation for planning and responding to change while ensuring the reliable provision of daily essentials.

This full day conference includes insightful discussions, shared learnings, and collaborative exploration to shape the future of Australian infrastructure, ensuring it aligns with regional needs, embraces sustainability, and stands resilient in the face of global challenges.

Explore themes like sustainable urban development, efficient transportation networks, energy system transition, supply chain dynamics, skills and labour shortages, and enhanced rural connectivity. Together, we will examine innovative approaches to ensure that infrastructure investment yields maximum value, positively impacting communities across Australia. Be part of this vital dialogue to shape a more connected and sustainable future for our nation.

Key focus areas:

  • State and federal approaches to prioritising key infrastructure projects
  • Perspectives on recent changes to Federal Government infrastructure funding
  • Explore strategies to align infrastructure with the energy transition and net-zero goals
  • Address the unique infrastructure requirements of regional and remote areas
  • Advancing the development of a knowledge-driven economy through digital infrastructure
  • Discuss the future of evolving city landscapes, considering sustainability and innovation
  • Examine the impact of global dynamics on Australia's supply chain.
  • Skills and labour shortages across housing and infrastructure, and the role of migration and other government policies

Engage with industry leaders, policymakers, and experts in shaping the future of Australia's infrastructure landscape. Contribute to the ongoing dialogue, sharing insights, and exploring new perspectives.

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