2nd Annual Australian Renewable Energy Zones Conference

This event is designed to bring key stakeholders together to discuss the latest developments and initiatives in the recently announced Renewable Energy Zones (REZ).

Informa REZ 22

In order to ensure reliable and affordable energy supply for energy consumers, State Governments are planning to invest in the creation of a growing number of REZ to help unlock a significant pipeline of large-scale renewable energy and storage projects while supporting private sector investment in regional Australia. Renewable energy investment will help replace ageing coal-fired power stations, transforming the region and bringing investment into the local community.

By coordinating development in a strategic way, renewable energy zones also help us get the land use planning right, and renewable built in places that work for the community, developers, and cost efficiency.

Join Informa to explore Australia’s REZ opportunities and developments.

Key topics Include:

  • The need for REZ and potential impact and opportunity for regional Australia
  • The role REZ can play in regional area’s clean recovery from COVID-19
  • A look at state & local initiatives, policy and future plans for new zones
  • Development & investment opportunities and considerations
  • Transmission – Overcoming the barriers to achieve success….there’s no one size fits all approach
  • Stimulating regional investment, job growth, innovative infrastructure and creating thriving communities
  • Community engagement and social license
  • Stakeholder representation and strategies to ensure local content and jobs for the regions we operate in
  • The role of transparency, collaboration, alliances and clear communication to achieve success
  • Case Studies – Updates from renewable developers on their operational assets and proposed projects
  • Technology outlook
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