Hydrogen from Waste: A New Route to Green Hydrogen

The challenges of waste management in Australia are immense and the solutions that work elsewhere in the world may not be applicable in an Australian context


The 2nd Australian Circular Economy Conference (ACEC) has partnered with universities, government, and industry leaders in the Asia-Pacific region to deliberate on the progress, innovation, and benefits of a circular economy. They will be shining a spotlight on the industries and businesses actively using circular economy principles. You will be able to join in person or virtually, wherever you are in the world.

The conference is co-hosted by the Waste Transformation Research Hub, the Sydney Knowledge Hub, APRU Sustainable Waste Management, and NSW Circular.

This event is invitation only. If you would like to attend, please contact us.

Generally, policy directions are moving towards increased recycling and reuse, and net zero emissions. Australia has also seen the potential value of hydrogen as the fuel of the future and how new technologies are key to realising the ‘hydrogen economy’.

This session will explore the potential to develop industries based around converting waste into hydrogen for use in transportation, power generation, and residential and business applications. These future industries will build on energy-from-waste technology but go further to refine the energy to hydrogen. It will be a high impact application of circular economy principles and concurrently tackle two national challenges.

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