2nd Sustainable Cities, Urban Regeneration and Sustainable Development Forum

This 2-day forum brings together government agencies, city councils and industries to discuss creating a competitive edge in the move towards Sustainable Cities and Communities, and provides an unprecedented avenue for industries to meet with key departments in local, state, and the federal government.

  1. Learn from the best practices and exemplar cases of companies and organizations that have successfully implemented Circular Economy innovations
  2. Redesign your corporation and products to repurpose waste through innovative product design, resource utilization and waste transformation into renewed products
  3. Enjoy unrivalled networking opportunities to share best practices, form profitable partnerships and meet new customers and peers in the new circular economy
  4. Meet pioneers in the Circular Economy and benefit from one of the very few conferences in Australia dedicated to commercializing opportunities arising from this
  5. Discover how Tech Disruptors are leading Circular Economy and zero-waste innovations

Over 85% of Australians live in urban areas and nearly 70% in its capital cities, making Australia one of the world’s most urbanized countries. With the Australian population projected to double by 2100, and enough waste going into landfill every year to cover all of Victoria, urgent action is needed to ensure our city services, infrastructure and resources can handle the increasing strain of a growing, ageing population.

The concept of ‘circular economy’ offers a solution in the form of an alternative to the traditional, wasteful linear economy. In circular economy models, resources are kept in use as long as possible to extract their maximum value, before being recovered and recycled into new products and for new uses. Extending beyond material management to aspects such as energy efficiency and conservation, land management, soil protection and water, circular economy adoption is integral to fulfilling the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – a blueprint to addressing humanity’s greatest challenges through sustainable cities, climate action, poverty alleviation, clean energy and more.

You will also acquire insights, solutions, and strategies from governments and organizations across the globe that have successfully implemented circular economy innovations.

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