Snowy Region Development Conference

A comprehensive two-day conference on major projects and construction timelines, run on opportunities, and how the region is preparing for the development.

Key Topics to be addressed include:

  • Regional growth and economic development across the Snowy-Monaro and surrounds
  • Current state of the workforce and it’s skills depth, education and development, and strategies to prepare the region for new opportunities and any challenges therein
  • Update from Snowy Hydro and Future Generation on Snowy 2.0 and their work with the communities
  • Commentary on other regional infrastructure works – from roads to ports across all things transport and logistics
  • Lessons learned from other regional centres and jurisdictions on major infrastructure works, and what the Snowy region can learn from their experience
  • Energy analysis – How Snowy 2.0 fits into the NEM, works being undertaken to accommodate this, and contextualisation on the need for major storage projects, the energy transition, and how it all fits together

As the Nation’s Electricity Market transitions from traditional baseload generation to increasing amounts of intermittent renewables, Australia’s largest energy infrastructure project since the original Snowy Mountains Scheme – the multibillion-dollar Snowy Hydro 2.0 – is set to stabilise the NEM and take on the energy challenges of tomorrow.

With major works priced at $5.1B this major nation-building project will have run on effects from encouraging infrastructure developments such as schools and hospitals to road upgrades and energy hubs – fast tracking regional growth and reshaping the region.

Held in the heart of the Snowy region, Cooma, this conference will bring together the myriad of industries involved with construction and economic development alongside government representatives, business groups, and stakeholders of every level – from local to federal.

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