4th Annual Australian Renewable Energy Zones Conference

Informa Australia brings you the 4th Annual Australian Renewable Energy Zones Conference, which will be held on the 29-30 May 2023 at the Swissotel Sydney

May renewable zones sydney

The transformation of Australia’s electricity system & the accelerating growth of renewable energy across Australia is unprecedented. We are in the midst of a renewable revolution as we unlock the potential to become a renewable energy superpower with significant investments and development of renewable energy generation and technologies.

The event is perfectly timed to bring together and engage key stakeholders to discuss the latest developments and initiatives in the Renewable Energy Zones (REZ) across Australia.

By coordinating development in a strategic way, REZ will help secure future energy needs, deliver minimum cost energy, strengthen our economy through new investment and jobs, while maintaining net zero emissions.

Key topics Include:

  • The transformation of Australia’s electricity system
  • A look at state & local initiatives, policy, and future plans for new zones
  • The opportunity for regional Australia to foster long term prosperity & job creation
  • Development & investment – opportunities, considerations & risks.
  • Transmission – The missing link and bottleneck to achieve success
  • Storage – The key to improving supply and price security
  • What more can be done to increase community consultation, improve local acceptance for projects and avoid misinformation?
  • Overcoming hurdles – The role of transparency, collaboration & alliances
  • Case Studies – Updates from developers on operational assets and proposed projects
  • Renewable technology showcase & outlook
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