5G will accelerate Renewable Energy

Learn more about how 5G will rewrite the rules about how power systems and electricity markets operate in the future


The digital transformation of industry is advancing rapidly with daily announcements of newly disrupted sectors. Fifth Generation (5G) wireless network technology is predicted to make tremendous improvements in productivity and efficiency of industrial systems, enabling an imminent Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and user-focussed Smart Cities applications for average people.

5G promises increased transmission speeds, reduced latency, and massively scaled machine-to-machine communications. Analysts predict drastically reduced device costs as low as one dollar per IoT machine and just one dollar per year for data connectivity. These advances will enable swift expansion of machine learning and artificial intelligence applications to power systems with dynamic renewable electricity from solar, wind and stored energy subsystems.

High speed, low latency 5G will enable new applications that take advantage of cloud computing and edge computing, connecting power suppliers and users with new data insights and sophisticated control over energy systems. Households and industrial power users are seeking affordability, reliability and a cleaner energy footprint, and new 5G tools promise provide highly efficient solutions to nagging challenges.

This Energy Forum showcases a panel of experts from industry, government and academia to explore what consumers and business users want from 21st century energy systems, what technical advantages 5G Wi-Fi technology will deliver compared to today’s digital telecommunications, and how these two technology trends are rapidly converging to enable an astonishing transformation of energy systems in Australia and globally. From big power networks to community-centred renewable energy systems, new technical systems are enabling new business models.

Join The Warren Centre to learn more about how 5G will rewrite the rules about how power systems and electricity markets operate in the future.

The panel will be moderated by Andrew Collins, Energy Committee, The Warren Centre

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